As a writer and director, I work in heightened realism. Emotions are big and constantly bubbling beneath the surface. 


Susan O'Dea, Joe Lanza, Sarah Park, Alec Mathieson, and Patrick Martini in the workshop of Pym, a new musical by Sarah Fiete inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym

April 2019 @ Dixon Place

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Alex Rosen (L) and Jana McIntyre (R) in the workshop of Uprising, a new one-act opera by composer Aleksandra Weil & librettist Laura Barati. 

May 2019 @ The Tank NYC

The Sonnet Project by New York Shakespeare Exchange "infuses the poetry of William Shakespeare into the poetry of New York City."  For Sonnet 115, I was thrilled to direct Joseph Mitchell Parks as a young lover commits to facing the inevitable transformations of time.